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The Cork Literary and Scientific Society was founded in 1820 and is one of the oldest such societies in Ireland. Members still meet regularly in Cork to hear a series of sixteen lectures held during the winter months.

There is a wide range of lectures offered by the society, including world-wide subjects, local topics, stories of exploration and many many more…

If you would like to join, just come along to the Crawford Art Gallery on Thursday evenings and enquire at the desk near the lecture hall. Lectures start at 8.00pm. Alternatively, you can contact the secretary by email.

would you like to join

The membership fee is €40 which includes all sixteen lectures or you can attend each individual lecture for €8 per lecture.

Contact the secretary by email for details or you can download an application form here.


upcoming lectures

Thursday 8 February
Daniela Iacopino, will present ‘Nanotechnology meets art: applications of nanomaterials in art conservation and preservation’.

Thursday 15 February
Dr. John Borgonovo of UCC will discuss ‘Cork Women, American Sailors, and the Moral Panic of 1917-18’. 

Thursday 22 February
Karl Brady will discuss ‘Diving into the Past: Archaeological Investigations of Ancient Logboats from Lough Corrib, Co. Galway’. 

Thursday 1 March
Jim Herlihy on ‘Tracing your Irish Police Ancestors’.