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past lectures


13 October 2022
Gerry White – Dividing the Nation - the Negotiation and Ratification of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

20 October 2022
Jim Wilson – Harper s Island Wetlands: its history and its wildlife.

27 October 2022 - no lecture due to Jazz Festival.

3 November 2022
Jim Herlihy – Policing Ireland in 1922.

10 November 2022
Dr. Paddy Sleeman –  The Ecology and Evolution of Ireland s Wild Mammals.

17 November 2022
Professor Hannah E. Daly – Mapping a pathway to Ireland’s sustainable energy transformation.

24 November 2022
Michael Lenihan – The Burning of Cork City and Aspects of its Rebuilding.

1 December 2022
John Kearon – ASGARD: Conserving Erskine Childers Historic Yacht.


12 January 2023
Marcello Valente –  I want no DNA in my tomatoes: myths and facts on the oldest biomolecule.

19 January 2023
Adam Whitbourn –  The History and Development of Blarney Castle Gardens.

26 January 2023
Dr. Michael Waldron–‘In the Margins: Exploring the world of Harry Clarke’.

2 February 2023
Richard Murray –  Low environmental cost sensors; when disposable is okay.

9 February 2023
Gerard Crotty –  Heraldry and St. Fin Barre s Cathedral.

16 February 2023
Dr. Mary Breen –  Examined Lives: Diaries, Journals and Household Accounts in Ireland 1750-1830.

23 February 2023
Ana Claudia Ferriera –  If a cow s gut could talk…

2 March 2023
Dr. James Cronin – The cloths of heaven: women artisans and the Honan Chapel, Cork.




28 October 2021
John Ware -  'Dirty Shirts: the Royal Munster Fusiliers in 1914'.

4 November 2021
An Van Camp -  'Rembrandt in Print: the Ashmolean’s exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery'.

11 November 2021
Dr. Alicia St. Leger - 'Exploring St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal, Co. Cork'.

18 November 2021
Dr. Melusine Pigeon -  'E-waste: Our global issue'.

25 November 2021  
James O'Neill -  'Ireland's Secret Woodland Wader: the Woodcock'.

2 December 2021
Dr. Aidan Quinn - 'Can we make compostable carbon sensors to reduce food waste?'


27 January 2022
Dr. Eoin Lettice - 'UCC Arboretum: Learning from a living collection'.

3 February 2022
Sibéal Regan -  insights into the fascinating world of whales and dolphins.

10 February 2022
Prof. Pádraig Ó Macháin -  'Vellum and paper as materials in Gaelic manuscripts, 1468-1650'.

17  February 2022
Sean McKeown - ‘The role of modern zoological institutions in conserving global biodiversity - Fota's contribution to saving endangered species’.

24 February 2022
Dr. Niamh Shaw -  'Niamh Shaw - Dream Big: Science with Creativity in the Space Sector'.

3 March 2022
Dr. Jason McElligott - exploring the historic Marsh's Library, Dublin.



29 October 2020
Dr. Alicia St. Leger - 'A Visit to Youghal: Past and Present'.

5 November 2020
Dr. Jean O'Dwyer - 'Bridging the gap between the natural environment and human health'.

12 November 2020
Dr. Michael Waldron - 'Statio Bene: exploring representations of Cork Harbour in visual art'.

19 November 2020
Dr. Melusine Pigeon - 'Communicating bodies: introduction to wireless medical devices'.

26 November 2020
Amol Delmade -  'How Optics is Driving Modern Day Life'. 

3 December 2020
Jim Wilson -  'Robert Forde: Cork Antarctic Explorer'.

28 January 2021
Michael Hayes - 'Powering the Internet of Things'.

4 February 2021
Prof. Pádraig Ó Macháin - 'The Book of Lismore'.

11 February 2021
Prof. John Quinn - 'Bird Research at University College Cork'. 

18 February 2021
Shane Lehane - ‘The Forgotten Traditions of Skellicking Day'.

25 February 2021
Dr. Ann Wilson -  'St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh'.

4 March 2021
Hemalatha Muthuganesan - 'Miracles of Unseeable Light'.



2019-2020 - Celebrating 200 years!

17 October 2019
Dr. Ger Fitzgibbon – '"The nature of an Insurrection": The strange case of Shakespeare and the Irish Rising.'

24 October 2019
Jim Wilson –'Edward Bransfield- Forgotten Irish Antarctic Explorer'.

31 October 2019
Peter Murray – actors Hurd Hatfield and Angela Lansbury, their lives and careers and their close connections with Cork.

7 November 2019
Jasper Winn – 'Japanese Walk: a 1,200 kilometre pilgrimage on the Shikoku 88-Temple trail'.

14 November 2019
Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil – 'Blackrock: probably Cork's most historic suburb!'

21 November 2019
Godfrey Graham – short film 'A Jar with Brendan Behan', starring Niall Tóibín.

28 November 2019
Frances McCarthy – the Apollo Moon missions and the future of planned missions with the Lunar Gateway and on to Mars.

5 December 2019
David Edwards – 'Pompeii: Vesuvius' Legacy and Warning'.

16 January 2020
Ed Godsell – 'The Balkans: the land of blood and honey'.

23 January 2020
Dr. Maria McNamara – ‘Fossils in technicolor: detection and applications of fossil colour in ancient frogs, snakes and dinosaurs’.

30 January 2020
Des MacHale –'The Humour of Cork'.

6 February 2020
David Creedon – 'The Last Cooper'.

13 February 2020
Dr. Connie Kelleher – 'Pride, Honour and the Fall of an Empire: The 1628 Wreck of Santa Ana Maria in Castlehaven'.

20 February 2020
Ronnie Herlihy – 'Two Centuries of Service to Cork - The Imperial Hotel'.

27 February 2020
John Pilkington – 'Up the Mekong to Tibet'.

5 March 2020
Dr. Markus Eichhorn – 'Lasers in the Jungle'.



18 October 2018
Dr. Emanuele Pelucchi – ‘What are these mysterious quantum technologies?'

25 October
Michael Smith  – Ireland's Antarctic Explorers'.

1 November
Dr. Ann Wilson ‘Sacred and Profane: Church Art and Architecture in Cork City’.

8 November
Dr. Michael Nolan 'Why is our technologically advanced society afraid of science? Overcoming Sagan's "Daemon-Haunted World"'.

15 November
Gerry White 'The Story of the Unknown Warrior of Westminster Abbey’.

22 November
Dr. John Hughes 'Bird Surveys on Ascension Island'.

29 November
Jim Herlihy ‘Tracing your Irish Police Ancestors’.

6 December
Professor Des MacHale and Yvonne Cohen 'New Light on George Boole in Cork'.

17 January 2019
Dr. Beth Massey‘What does it mean to be an Energy Citizen, and what’s in it for me?’

24 January
Pat Gunn ‘Father O’Flynn and the Cork Shakespearean Company’.

31 January
James Cronin ‘A design for life: the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement (1893-1925) and the question of education for a New Ireland’.

7 February
Ronnie Herlihy 'The Life and Tragic Death of Jerome Collins; Engineer, Meteorologist, Revolutionary, and Polar Explorer'.

14 February
Dr. Aaron Lim 'New Ways To Image Deep Water Habitats: An Example From Offshore Ireland'.

21 February
Bob Jackson ‘A Doctor’s Sword - how a Cork doctor survived war, captivity and the atomic bomb’.

28 February
John Pilkington 'To Eritrea and Ethiopia: Retracing a Victorian Expedition'.

7 March
Dr. Jim McAdam 'Conor O'Brien – Patriot, Yachtsman and Author'.



12 October 2017
Bernard Wilson – ‘Mary Elmes, The Irish Schindler? Yes - but much, much more!’

19 October     
Shane Lehane – ‘Much Ado About Beekeeping: Exploring the Vernacular Craft’.

26 October     
Denise Heywood – ‘Legend & Lustre: Jim Thompson, Thai Silk, a Teak House and a Hollywood Film’.

2 November   
Godfrey Graham – a film based on music by Cork jazz composer Bobby Lamb.

9 November   
Jim Murphy – ‘Richard Hingston - Cork's Forgotten Hero’.

16 November 
Aileen Crean O’Brien & Bill Sheppard – ‘Emerging from the shadow of Tom Crean’.

23 November 
Dr. Barra O Donnabhain – ‘The Victorian Convict Prison on Spike Island 1847-1883’.

30 November 
Dr. Alicia St. Leger - ‘Huguenot Links with Cork’.

11 January 2018
Dr. Ann Wilson – ‘Life in Edwardian Ireland: a picture-postcard collection’.

18 January
Kari Herbert – ‘The Explorer's Daughter’.

25 January
Kevin N. Power – ‘The Old Opera House, My Second Home’.

1 February
Frances McCarthy – Space Exploration.

8 February
Daniela Iacopino ‘Nanotechnology meets art’.

15 February
Dr. John Borgonovo – ‘Cork Women, American Sailors, and the Moral Panic of 1917-18’

22 February
Karl Brady – ‘Diving into the Past: Archaeological Investigations of Ancient Logboats from Lough Corrib’.

1 March
Lecture cancelled due to severe weather.



13 October 2016
Michael Twomey with Linda Kenny and Alan Carney - ‘The Way We Were in 1916: a musical journey through the lives of the ordinary people of one hundred years ago’.

20 October
Dr. Kieran Hickey -  ‘The natural and cultural history of wolves in Ireland.’

27 October
Michael Smith - ‘Ernest Shackleton – Ireland’s Greatest Explorer’.

3 November
Michael Lenihan - ‘Aspects of Cork Printing 1750-1900’.

10 November
David Edwards - ‘My Exploding World’.

 17 November
David Creedon - ‘Ghosts of the Faithful Departed’.

24 November
Dr. Peter Deller  -  ‘Kevan Izod Leslie: a Cork Officer in Wellington’s Army’.

1 December
Chris Ramsden  - ‘A Day in the Life of the Monard Spade Mills’.

12 January 2017
Jasper Winn - ‘The Water Roads - following Britain's canals afoot and afloat’.

19 January
Canon George Salter -  interesting aspects of the West Limerick area.

26 January
Rachel Abraham  - ‘Remembering Sgt. Myles Abraham DCM MM’.

2 February
Declan Hassett - ‘A Man for All Reasons’.

9 February
Dr. Mary Breen, - ‘The many pleasures of reading Molly Keane's novel Good Behaviour.

16 February
John Pilkington  - ‘Russia and Europe – what next?’

23 February
Prof. Des MacHale  - ’Ripples in the Quiet Man’.

2 March
Mark Davies - ‘From Alice to Zuleika: a Literary Tour (with Irish diversion) of ‘river-rounded’ Oxford.’




15 October 2015
Tim OBrien - ‘The River Lee hydroelectric scheme and St. Ann’s Hydro, Blarney’.

22 October
Godfrey Graham - ‘Seán Ó Faoláin’.

29 October
Canon George Salter - ‘Lough Derg and the historic city of Limerick’.

5 November
David Edwards - ‘Montserrat: Snake Hunting under the Volcano’.

12 November
David Creedon - ‘Behind Open Doors’.

19 November
Dr. Ger Fitzgibbon - ‘Shakespeare: The Man and the Works’.

26 November
Tim Severin - ‘The Sindbad Voyage’.

3 December
Dr. John Barrett - ‘The Internet of Things – a New Industrial Revolution?’

14 January 2016
Gerry White - ‘Order, Counter-order and Disorder – Cork and the 1916 Rising’.

21 January
Dr. Connie Kelleher - ‘From Spanish Armada Wrecks to Pirate Ships: The Work of the State Underwater Archaeology Unit’.

28 January
Shane Lehane - ‘The Irish Folk Year: New Perspectives on Irish Traditional Calendar Custom and Ritual.’

4 February
Professor Des MacHale - ‘Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty and George Boole’.

11 February
Michael Twomey - ‘When Moby Dick came to Youghal’.

18 February
Keith Holmes - ‘Camera in the Cotswolds’.

25 February
Jim Fitzgibbon - ‘The First Nations and others’.

3 March
Dr. Alicia St. Leger - ‘Adam Buck: A Regency Artist from Cork’.



16 October 2014
Dr. Bozena Cierlik - ‘God’s playground: Poland and East Central Europe’.

23 October
Prof. Rorke Bryan - ‘Antarctica Then and Now: The Legacy of Shackleton’.

30 October
Dr. Steven OConnor - ‘Irish Officers in the British Forces, 1922-45’.

6 November
Denis MacSweeney - ‘Henry Ford: The Cork Connection’.

13 November
Dr. Clíona OCarroll - ‘Life, livelihoods and social history in Cork from the 1930s: an introduction to the audio archives of the Cork Folklore Project’.

20 November
Michael Loftus - ‘Engagement between Higher Education and Industry - Trends and Opportunities’.

27 November
Dr. John L. Quinn - ‘Studying Intelligence and Personality in Birds’.

4 December
Louise Harrington - 'Daniel Levie (1875-1963) : A Scottish Architect in Cork’.

15 January 2015
Jasper Winn - ‘The Art and Rewards of Slow Adventure’.

22 January
Darren Reidy - ‘The world’s first Green Flag university: journeys in creating UCC’s green campus’.

29 January
Helen Dillon - ‘Gardening’.

5 February
Canon George Salter - ‘Clonmacnoise: the bedrock of Christianity …. and other places.’

12 February
Paddy OSullivan - ‘The Forgotten Copper mines of West Carbery’.

19 February
John Pilkington - ‘A Balkan Adventure’.

26 February
Declan Hassett - ‘Hidden Heroines’.

5 March
Felicity Aston, - ‘Pole of Cold’.



17 October 2013
Dr. Paddy Sleeman - ‘Cork’s Otters, Badgers and Ireland’s Biodiversity’.

24 October
Dr. Mary Breen - ‘The Pleasures of Reading Jane Austen’.

31 October
Peter Murray - ‘Realism and Genre in nineteenth century Irish Art’.

7 November
James Cronin - ‘Exotic Envoy: a representation of race in a forge of empire’.

14 November
John Hooton - ‘Gathering Light on the Dingle Coast’.

21 November
Captain William Wells - ‘The Vikings’.

28 November
Dr. Connie Kelleher - ‘Piracy in early seventeenth century south-west Munster: Sea Sharkers and Land Pirates’.

5 December
Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil - ‘The Early Years of Beamish and Crawford – Merchant Princes to Brewers’.

16 January 2014
Gerry White - ‘The Victoria Cross and Cork VCs of the Great War’.

23 January
Frances McCarthy - ‘Solar System Astronomy’.

30 January
Canon George Salter - ‘Sunny South East: our Great Heritage’.

6 February
Daithi Fallon - ‘Innovative Trends in Biomedical Devices’.

13 February
David Edwards - ‘New Zealand – land of wonder’.

20 February
Michael Twomey - ‘John B. and me’.

27 February
Keith Holmes - ‘A Taste of Cornwall’.

6 March
Jim Fitzgibbon - ‘Darwin Revealed’.