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Founded in 1820

The Cork Literary and Scientific Society is one of the oldest such societies in Ireland. It was founded in 1820, but has its origins in earlier societies and organisations that emerged in Cork in the early years of the nineteenth century.

It was a period where there was great interest in all aspects of knowledge, ranging from antiquarianism and literature to the newly emerging technologies and sciences. Some of these early scientific, literary and philosophical organisations did not survive for long, but they contributed to the spirit of debate and study.

The Cork Literary and Scientific Society began in 1820 and set about arranging public lectures on a wide range of topics. In 1891, following proposals at a meeting of the society, a sister organisation was founded. The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society is still in existence and provides lectures and outings for members as well as publishing its invaluable Journal.

Throughout the years, members of the Cork Literary and Scientific Society have heard speakers of the highest calibre provide fascinating lectures on many topics. It is a totally voluntary organisation and continues to present a varied programme of lectures each year.

Historic records of the Cork Literary & Scientific Society are held in theĀ Cork City and County Archives.

The views and opinions expressed by lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the Cork Literary and Scientific Society.

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